Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Path

Click to Play:
Free Yourself - Fantasia Barrino
If It Be Your Will - Leonard Cohen
Dead End Road - JJ Cale & Eric Clapton
Distractions - Sia


Anonymous said...

Hey Mom,
I meant to call you last night after the kids went to bed. However I was installing a light that was supposed to take a half hour but took more than two hours. I am sure I could put together one in five minutes now, but I swore at that damn light a thousand times! Especially once it got dark :)

Talk to you soon,

Ralph said...

Cuidado, these selections are all gorgeous, and telling. I hope you're feeling better this morning. (But "Dead End Road" shows you can have an awfully good time even if you're miserable!)

Well done!

Cuidado said...

I'm feeling ok. Ralph but was tired yesterday after staying out very late the nigth before.