Sunday, February 03, 2008

Genealogy Bug

I've been bitten by the genealogy bug once again. Every once in a while I open the files and start again where I left off. I began yesterday, have bookmarked about twenty-five pages, continued all day today and am going to take a break. I had a big breakthrough last year and am looking for the next one.

The above photo was taken in 1983 when there were still five generations in our family. This was taken in Ontario where my great-grandmother and grandmother lived. My oldest son is the same age as my niece in the front but he was home in PEI so I didn't get a five generation photo. There is one, in a way, because I was very pregnant at this time and if you could see through the belly bump in the photo, there was my daughter.

I'm very lucky to have the complete genealogy for my father and for my mother's mother's side (the people above) so am working on my mother's father's family. The big breakthrough last year came when I found the family in a different province in the 1911 census than in the 1901 census. For several years I exhausted every possibility in the province where I thought they were. Today, after searching for two days I thought I had reached a dead end. Then about an hour ago I had a call from a relative in this family and she told me she thought a cousin might have some leads. That's my next step.

Dead End Road by JJ Cale and Eric Clapton seems to be the right song for this post, as well as, On And On It Goes by Mary Chapin Carpenter. And now, my eyes and brain need a rest.


Ekim said...

I keep thinking it would be a great way to spend some winter nights but never have.

Cuidado said...

It is addicting. You get into these records and they go on forever. The successes give you highs, thus the addiction.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mom,
Sorry I didn't call yesterday. It was pretty busy with it being Superbowl Sunday. We went out for lunch in Waterloo, and then S dropped me off at a friend's house. I didn't get home until after midnight. I feel like a bag of asses today. What a game though!

Did you get your birthday package yet? I figure a month late is just about right :)

- A

Cuidado said...

I was going to call and tell you the parcel arrived and said, "It's Superbowl Sunday." and knew you would be busy.

You know I LOVE the present. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the present.

Anonymous said...

Hey A,
I got her the same thing as last year,only in a different color.