Monday, February 18, 2008

Good Weather For Mushrooms

Click to Play:
I Think It's Going To Rain Today - Randy Newman
I Think It's Going To Rain Today - Nina Simone
I Think It's Going To Rain Today - David Gray
Buckets of Rain - Bob Dylan
Buckets of Rain - Jimmy LaFave
Buckets of Rain - Beth Orton & M. Ward
Eighteen Inches of Rain - Ian Tyson


Ekim said...

I am always amazed how mushrooms can blend on into the other. They also have great strength. I saw one that had lifted a rock about 10 times its size.

Ralph said...

Darn. Would love to hear that David Gray cover but my computer won't play it.

Cuidado said...

Ekim, Strange thing about these particular mushrooms is that they lasted only one day. Day after this they were blobs of mush.

Ralph, I wish I knew what the problem was with putfile but I find that another try sometimes works.