Friday, May 09, 2008


I will be working at my regular blogging time some days. I'll post in the morning on those days.
It's going to bee cool and rainy for a few days so I won't be missing being outdoors so much. Bella was enjoying herself in the above photo. I love how cats pretend they're hiding when they are in plain view.

I had Rufus a couple of days ago and now it's sister Martha Wainwright's turn. I like her so much. I like her father, Loudon, as anyone who reads this blog knows, and she reminds me of him in her voice tone though it is a girl's voice. I think she's a great talent. She has a new album coming out soon too. Today I will replace her essential song These Flowers and add Who Was I Kidding. This good for a listen too: Whither Must I Wonder. I'll put some Loudon up soon.

My son just called to say he'd made reservations for Mother's Day brunch. He didn't realize I was working. He's pretty disappointed and trying to find someone to replace his mother as this brunch is something to look forward to. I'll be bringing home the bacon rather than eating it this year.

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