Friday, May 23, 2008

Flowers Are Sunshine

I just remembered that since I am working today, I must post in the morning. It seems unnatural to me. In the morning I read blogs and in the afternoon I write them.

After a partly sunny day yesterday, it's raining again this morning. I managed to get lots of flowers for many bouquets but promised to bring some to someone today and didn't pick them in advance. They may have to wait till tomorrow. My sister-in-law brings me a bouquet of marsh marigolds every year at this time and lo and behold yesterday was the day. The link shows last year's bouquet. She was saddened that this was the first year she didn't have a mother-in-law to bring a bouquet to. Our mother-in-law introduced those special flowers to her many years ago. They grow in very wet areas around ponds and even in ditches. I tried to transplant some around my pond but they didn't take.

I'm having trouble with my camera. It doesn't want to stay in the playback mode which is vital for moving the shots from the camera to the computer. I usually have to turn it off and on several times while getting the message that the computer is not able to retrieve the files. I surly hope it holds on because I can't afford a new camera as I have to buy gas and heating oil.

First in music, a funky dance song to illustrate a comment for Ralph. He thinks I'd be a fun party date. He's right, I am. The most common flower in PEI at the moment is the dandelion and the most common weather we've had in the last several weeks is rain. Combine the two for the next song, Dandelion Rain by Dean Fields. A song that was quite popular here but was taken down is Zoe's great version of Sunshine on a Rainy Day. Here it is again. I think that is exactly what yellow spring flowers are: sunshine on a rainy day.


Kat said...

It rained last night, yet again, but we have sun today, but the cold wind is making the day quite chilly. I want a warm day. I need a warm day.

Your flowers help!

Cuidado said...

That's what I want too, Kat - warmth. We wait all winter for it.

Ralph said...

Cuidado, that dance songs takes me back to the smoky bars of the old days. Great memories.

Today we did end up with warmth, and tomorrow it should be warmer. Not as warm as it shoud be, but I'm able to wear shorts and sandals....

Cuidado said...

I love Bettye LaVette's rendition of all these old dance tunes.

Anonymous said...

Hay sis you'll have to get a jump drive that your memory card fits into and transfer your pictures that way.
I've been doing it that way sence my BC trip. its an easy way to do it and a lot faster.
Jump drives for your memory card shouldn't be more than $20.
The Bronson Hermit. LOL

Cuidado said...

I'll give that some thought, Alf. That just might work.