Friday, January 29, 2010

Storm Day

We are in the middle of a storm and thus a long awaited, 'storm day' on the Island. We've discussed them here before. I believe it is the first one this winter though I may be wrong. We did have some storms earlier in the season. I got a day off work as did all students and many other in the work force. The wind has not begun in earnest yet and the conditions will worsen toward evening but it was all enough for a snow day.

The ground was bare to begin with so it looked like a first snow. I got outside for some photos mid morning but did not venture out again. It was so very pretty out there. I kept thinking the winds would soon blow all the snow covered branches clean but the winds have not been as wild as predicted. The day is not over yet though. Just enough for a snow day.

I really felt I needed a day off as I've been working extra shifts and have another tomorrow. I have also been painting and making jewelry with no down time so am enjoying this well-deserved break. I've had a lovely day finishing up some chores and general housework and relaxation, all mixed up into one delightful day. I'm behind in all blogs but have not even begun any on-line work yet.

My son is trying to get my car out at the moment - just to see if he can. If he can I have an errand so am letting him try with my car instead of his. He's just called and got out easily so is running my errand right now.

Catherine MacLellan won several awards at the PEI Music Awards recently. One of her songs, Snow Day, celebrates this kind of day most beautifully. A couple more from the files will do that too. Kate Rusby with Let the Cold Wind Blow and Eels with Girl From The North Country will work quite nicely I think.

Addendum: After Sonny Boy found he could easily get out of the driveway, he's off to town on an errand of his own. The silly boy should stay home I think! Most of the Island is shut down. They've declared it a snow day!!


Ralph said...

Looks like it's the same all over--ot's even snowing here!

Cuidado said...

I would like it more, Ralph, if I could teleport myself instead of having to drive in it.

Carol Tiffin James said...

Every time my mom in Memphis asks how much snow we got on a certain day, I tell her, but have to add: "...On top of what's there, of course!" Looking out my sewing room window, I see a small patch of ground that I haven't seen in a long time - but I know winter still has a ways to go. Our driveway is a mess.