Sunday, January 10, 2010

What I Believe

I started this post over two hours ago. Got a Sunday visitor, always welcome here in the country. I had just returned from the rink. I was on ice for the first time since my shoulder dislocation/broken arm two years ago. It did not go well. Putting all my weight in a gliding motion was too irritating to my wonky hip. Kind of an Eeeekkk pain which was too sharp to ignore. We don't have enough snow yet but I hope that when we do, I will still be able to snowshoe. To lose two of my favorite winter sports in one winter would be too much to bear. I'll tell you, getting older is not easy. How can your heart feel so young and your body so old?

I'm glad cre8ivity is not something that wanes with age. Happily it doesn't sag or droop either though, of course, a few wrinkles can appear from time to time. I was thinking about this yesterday after discussing a glass project with another drop-in friend and possibly, client. I actually pointed him in the direction of a DIY routine, with a bit of a course/tutorial, for his project. I don't think he can afford what he really wants with me doing it for him. Anyway about cre8ivity, I believe it blooms with age. You begin to know your way through roadblocks when you have them and with age comes experience in your various artistic leaning. I believe the old adage of 'practice makes perfect' comes to really mean something now. It is an advantage finally, to be older.

A friend of mine turned 65 this week and I asked him at a dinner on Friday night if his employer required mandatory retirement. Luckily for him it does not but another of his employers requires full time staff to be under 65. He is a session prof thus part time in that job. I feel better every day that I get older in regards to cre8ivity and I hope you can too.

I made a wonderful CD this week in time for Friday night's dinner party. It was entitled Girlfriends and is kind of special. The dinner was not restricted to girlfriends but it was a definite theme with a good number of the attendees. Ha! I just looked back to a misspelling alert and had written Girlfiends. Too funny!

I'll share a couple of the songs from this CD. These two songs may not seem to go together but they fit quite well into the context of the whole. Yep, age has it's benefits in that I'll say "Respect your elders," if you don't agree. Here's All Grown Up by Holly Golightly and Company of Friends by Danny Schmidt. The latter is one of my favorite songs of the decade and had been featured here more than one time. I believe the words in this song. It is about what you believe.


Ralph said...

I've noticed much of what you say here in my own life, Cuidado. There are still challenges but the very fact that you've been around long enough to experience them before adds coping skills that you didn't have before. And I certainly do believe that practice makes perfect. Even with these long absences I have from writing these days, when I set my mind to it it comes more easily than it used to. Onward and upward! And I'm really sorry about the curtailed activity. You'll find something.

Cuidado said...

I have to find something positive in aging, Ralph because the rest of it sucks.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sis..
I got out on my snowshoes twice so far.. The first trip was around 3 Km's and damn near killed me..LOL
I went on the same trail that we were on last winter. The snow was wet so every time I picked my feet up I was lifting an extra 10 lbs of snow..
Cant wait for you to make a trip over so we can get out again..
This time maybe we can get Patsy and Nic to go with us..

Cuidado said...

Hey little Bro. I won't be coming over this year I don't think. Perhaps you and Nic could come over here. Would you email me K and the baby's mailing address.