Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Stats Again

The photo is of my Dad's significant other who was stepdancing while passing out the devilled eggs. She and my dad are dancing fools. They were with their former (passed away) spouses too and still love a good party. They danced all night and not many could keep up with them.

The monthly stats for my music page have all been figured out. I should have been a statistition. Maybe I would have if only I could have spelled it.

Three songs were not clicked at all. Baby, It's Cold Outside, Father and Son by Johnny Cash and Fiona Apple, and Johnny Cash again, with Bob Dylan, singing Girl From the North Country. I find it funny and ironic that I put that song up by someone else on my last post.

I only mention songs that got over twenty clicks this month. They are:
  • Besame Mucho by both Dalido and Andrea Bocelli each got 20
  • Rufus Wainwright with Across the Universe and Dan Hicks', I Scare Myself, each 20
  • Sophie Milman has some new fans. Lonely in New York and Back Home to Me each got 20 hits and My Heart Belongs to Daddy got 24.
  • Also getting 20 hits were Heartbeats by Jose Gonzales, Que Sera by Doris Day, Nina Simone's version of I Think It's Gonna Rain Today and La Larona by Chavela Vargas. It was popular two months ago also.
  • Gold Digger got 22 hits and it too was popular two months ago. Also with 22 was My Humps by the Black Eyed Peas.
  • Battle of Jesse James from the Skiffle Sessions got 24.
  • With 28 was both I'm Confessin' That I Love You by Lizz Wright and Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby by Renee Olstead.
  • I love this...The Haircut by The Waifs got 38 hits. Yeah! It's not even the best version. Whoever likes it can let me know they'd like the better version and I can e-mail it. I can't upload it to Putfile but am able email it.
  • Quisas, Quisas, Quisas which was the most popular song last month continues to be popular with 48 hits.
  • This one I don't understand for a moment. Could it be an error? Don't Lie by the Black Eyed Peas got 236 more hits this month. It really is a catchy song and I'm glad it got that many hits off my little music page.
I find this all very fascinating. I constantly play music on my computer and a good part of the time when I'm not on it. It's what keeps those alpha waves bouncing around to put me in a boppin' and happy headspace. I'm glad that other people are listening...even though I don't know who.

Music: I think I'd better put up more Black Eyed Peas. Jack Johnson joins the band in Gone Going. I still have many versions of Besame Mucho that haven't been put up. I love the song sooo much. Here's another, this time by Omara Portuondo. Long be the music!!!

Link: Great conceptual artist worth a look at.

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