Sunday, October 29, 2006

First Day of Standard Time

It is very windy but we've not lost electricity. There have been power outages across New England, in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. There are problems with the Newfoundland ferry system where they are experiencing one hundred and sixty km. per hour winds. I'm glad my friend moved there a couple of days ago and not today.

I am warm and content. I've been reading my music blogs, fooled around with some jewelry, have beef stew cooking early in case we lose power and listening to music. It's very warm out and sunny. The rain ended overnight....just the wind continues. I am going to walk down to the beach after I turn the stew off. I don't know if the tide is in or out but it will probably seem like it's in with onshore winds. The bay will be red and very churned up. It's much nicer when it's blue, of course.

Music: High Tide or Low Tide by Jack Johnson and Ben Harper and Four Strong Winds by Ian and Sylvia.

Link: Does anyone go to the links? I get so few comments here that I don't know what anyone thinks of any part of the blog. I'd appreciate some feedback, you know. Anyway a link for today
is another link place that I go to once in a while. It's called Linky & Dinky. The first one on there today, the mega closeup of a snowflake is cool.

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