Thursday, October 05, 2006

Going Into the Woods

Made it through the big dinner without a hitch. Everything went very well indeed and i have only to do a final clean up and a ton of laundry then I'm off till mid November. What a relief!!

Now it's off to help my dad celebrate a belated 75th birthday. I sure do need to get away and my dad lives in the middle of the woods with tons of woods and trails to walk and drive. This is going to be a really great weekend and I'm enjoying even the thoughts of it.

Music for the weekend to listen to while I'm away: Your Mind is on Vacation by Mose Allison and Goin' Home from my favorite Friday album, The Skiffle Sessions. You KNOW I love that album! Just went to upload them and they're already there so I'll link them instead and choose another new one. How about I Wanna Go Home from The Skiffle Sessions. When I was about 11 or 12 my cousin taught me to play that song on a guitar.

I find this link hilarious. I hope you do too and I hope it offends no one. How to Hypnotize a Man.

Back in a few days........

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