Monday, October 16, 2006

Normal Is As Normal Does

I'm working on a cd for a friend who turns 50 on Friday. I thought I'd have it finished in plenty of time for mailing today but it's been a hard one. I like to tell a story with the order of the songs but it also has to sound good. I know I have a lot of slow ballady music but I don't want 50 to be anything but a celebration for my friend. I'm still working and will express post it tomorrow.

Today feels like my first day off. Seeing the daughter off this week made me a bit anxious and far from feeling relaxed. Today, seems back to normal. I cleaned like a fiend and have a whole lot more to do. I have three empty bedrooms and will completely gut them and start again. I walked but didn't make it to the beach. Maybe Wednesday.

Music today: Something from the cd I'm working on for both my daughter and my fifty year old friend who has moved in and out of my life so many times in the thirty years we've known each other....You've Got To Move, a live version from a benefit by Greg Brown. Also, from the playlist, Someone Like You by Van Morrison.

The link: My friend and artist Greg Garand called this morning. I told him about my statement yesterday that I was going to link to local PEI artist whose works I have. He's happy for the exposure. I have probably the largest collection of Greg Garand paintings of anyone. I love his work. I have early and recent and he keeps getting better and better. So here's Greg Garand but please note that he wants to update his site and add new paintings. Life is such a rat race. There are never enough hours in a day.


Anonymous said...

I can't get to Greg Garand's page. It says cannot find server. Did you get the address wrong??

Anonymous said...

Same for me

Cuidado said...

Fixed...I had .com instead of .ca