Thursday, October 26, 2006

New York to Charlottetown - A Long Way Indeed

Almost forgot that I had a lunch date in Charlottetown today until a late e-mail yesterday. Two friends and I went to New York City six years ago to the World March of Women. We have lunch other times too but always at this time of year, to commemorate that trip. There's talk of going back again but it's hard because we have other destinations that we want to travel to as well and none of us are rolling in dough. You actually have to save for these trips and NYC is an expensive place to visit.

Made some great earrings today. I like them so much, I think I'll keep them.. I've never made two pairs the same; it's kind of a trademark but maybe I'll make some similar.

Blogger is having some photo upload problems at present so it's possible there won't be a photo attached to this. Perhaps I will put one up later. The music was late for yesterday's post because Putfile was down for maintenance. I got it up this morning though, so no worries.

Musical selections today : Since it came up, Autumn in New York by the incomparable Sarah Vaughan and perhaps Let's Call the Whole Thing Off also by Sarah.

The links today make me rethink everything I just wrote. Overheard in Charlottetown is today's link. It's counterpart, Overheard in New York, is linked here today but always available in the sidebar. What does that say?

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