Monday, October 09, 2006

Bringing It Home

Perfect weather this weekend made traveling in the Maritimes a pleasure to all the senses. The sun shone each day and the full moon lit the night. Daytime temperatures ranged between 18 to 22 degrees. Fall foilage is at it's peak. The woods smell of decaying leaves and sunshine and the gentle breezes were rustling the poplars.

I walked a couple of miles each day, saw a bear while sitting at my cousin's kitchen table, partied till the wee hours, saw lots of people you see every decade or funeral or milestone birthday, had turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner, felt the love in my family, and generally had a great time.

I wanted to stay but still have work. Thought I'd be finished but am not yet. A big week in other ways. My grandaughter is one year old today. My daughter is moving "out west" in a few days. Time and life keep moving on.

Music: How Can You Live In The Northeast from Paul Simon's album Surprise and Bob Dylan's Girl From the North County, yet again, this one by M. Ward, Conor Oberst and Jim James.

Link: Rules of Being Human


Carol Tiffin James said...

Pretty picture. My granddaughter will be 1 on November 7 - pretty close to yours!

Cuidado said...

I hope you're lucky enough to see your grandchildren. Mine live far away and I see them only once or twice a year. It's very sad.