Saturday, October 28, 2006


Made it into the woods today. It was glorious. The oxygen levels, the fabulous smells, the fast hiking pace, and the companions combined to get the endorphins racing. I felt so good during the whole adventure and it will last for a while. I'll have the most satisfied sleep tonight. I need the physical me being in the outside and nature at regular intervals to keep those endorphin states occuring. We have snowshowing trips planned for the winter already. Last year we had no snow and didn't get out once.

We are supposed to get a really big wind and rain storm starting around midnight and lasting all day hundred kilometer winds. At least it's not winter and not snow. That will come soon enough. Even though I didn't get out snowshowing, I liked the winter with no snow. It was a good break from our relentless winters where having to drive is a major pain in the butt. It's the worst part for me...having to drive in winter.

Music: I found this band a while back , Ollabelle, that I really liked. They have the perfect sentiment for today, All is Well, and Got My Mojo Working, the old version by Clarence Gatemouth Brown, kind of says it too.

The linky part: Something funny with Foreign Signs, you know those funny translations on signs. I have a photo of one from San Felipe in Baja, Mexico with a list of instructions for entering a hotel swimming pool. It says, ''All Patrons Must Worm Bathing Suits." I swear I do.

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