Saturday, October 21, 2006

Woke Up This Morning

My dinner party got cancelled and lo and behold I got invited to a potluck. I changed my dinner menu to Indian so at least have something put together to take along. This is another going away party for my friend who is moving to Newfoundland. I can't even guess at how many dinners she may have attended in her honour this week. She cancelled her attendance at our meeting last night to go to a dinner too. She won't have to eat for a week afer she moves.

Just talked to two of my kids in their various areas, am about to call my friend who turned 50 this week, then will call the third kid and grandkids. After that, no more telephone!!!

Music today: I have no theme today so, some women with the blues today. Ruthie Foster doing a gospel-tinged, bluesy, Woke up this Mornin' and some old blues with Dinah Washington looking for some lovin' from a Big Long Slidin' Thing.

For a link, another local artist, John Burden. I have one of his paintings and am reading a book right now that he illustrated. I'm on his mailing list, I guess, so got an invitation to attend an opening tonight. The show is up for only a week so I'll pop in on Tuesday. I find his work very interesting. It's very "busy" thus good for someone like me, who likes to be visually stimulated.

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