Friday, October 20, 2006

From Sand to Glass

Blogging early today. I've been doing it late afternoons but I'm going to a dinner meeting today. I complained about missing the meeting last time because I had to attend a board meeting at work and couldn't go. We are a really fun group and are planning a special event ending an almost two decade Women's Festival. We've all had a hand in planning it during those two decades and it's sad for us, that it's ending.

Put away some paintings and jewelry today that I had in a shop on consignment. A bit angry about the whole situation because I had a hundred dollar piece broken there and the shopkeeper refused to pay for it. I won't be dealing with her any more. Dealing with her all around was not good and I don't need the headaches.

I should get busy with some kind of art or craft though. I'm leaning toward some kind of glass work.....just have to get to it. I usually plan these things out to the nth degree. Last year I did; got through the jewelry part, started on the painting phase, then quit smoking before I got to the glass. Didn't do any glass at all, then felt guilty. I now realize how much concentration and energy I had to put into the quitting smoking part. I no longer feel guilty about not accomplishing anything because I accomplished a lot in the end. I no longer smoke. Anyway, I'm not going to pressure myself.

Music: What'll I Do by Linda Ronstadt and Whatever Gets You True by Paddy Casey, an Irish singer-songwriter.

Link: I can only think of one glass artist to link to on a first link to anything glass. Here's Dale Clihuly.

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