Friday, October 13, 2006

Helping Her Pack

I was hurrying to finish a post yesterday when we had a power outage. It was a nice nostalgic look at my daughter who is leaving the nest in just a few days. It's starting to hit me. I want her to go and have a life away from home but I will miss her terribly. She, more than anyone I know, has a great joie de vivre that makes her a huge presence in any room.

Music: I can think of so many songs for her; songs she likes, songs that remind me of her, songs with a message. I'm her mother so I definitely have to get a message in there. Way Out West (isn't that ironic) has a message in Don't Forget Me and Joy by Bettye LaVette says it all for my girl who brings joy. I just have to think of rainbows rather than the rain when I think of her being so far away so today's link I will visit often...rainbows.

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Ocean said...

I will miss you too!! Just remember I will be home at Christmas! It's starting to hit me a little bit that I am leaving too, it's wierd.