Saturday, January 19, 2008

Two Part Post

Kenz was featured on today's Shutterchance post and Bella was a little put out. By her expression, you can tell she's very sad. No more sadness now though. She'll be pleased.

The cats have stayed out of my way today. I was doing that January ritual of cleaning out file cabinets and shredding. They don't tolerate either job very well. I was sorting and tossing papers from the file cabinets to piles on the floor. That's way too uproarious to a cat's sensibilities. Like bombs going off in an uncertain pile. Then shredding with the whining shredder motor. They did not even realize that shredded paper may be fun to play with. Kenz is making up for it now. It's very hard to type.

I had an unexpected departure and paused the post for a couple of hours. It's a little late now so I'll get straight to the music. I never did post additional covers of Bring It On Home to Me. Here's Van's and Sam Cooke's that were already up. Today, listen to a version by Al Jarreau and George Benson and one by James Cotton.


Ocean said...

awe, chickie looks really cute. if you go to my facebook you can see the trip pictures.

Cuidado said...

Will do that.