Monday, January 14, 2008

How Long?

All the arrangements are made for an overnight in town in anticipation of a storm. My long-awaited appointment with the surgeon is tomorrow and my plan for getting there has changed four times. I have just now planned for after the appointment as I may not have a ride back out here afterward. I'll have to hang out till my son can come retrieve me. That's now taken care of. I'm overnighting at my friend's who had the party on Saturday night. I'm two days late.

I can't wait till I can drive again. I'll feel so much more independent when I can at least go where I want, when I want. How Long? That's what I find out tomorrow as well as if I need surgery or not. I'm hoping for the best. With as much energy as I have, I want to be on the mend sooner than later.

More music? Rolled and Tumbled Blues by Rosa Hemphill and Mississippi Fred McDowell is the perfect title for the way I feel that's taking me to hospital tomorrow. St. James Infirmary by Dave Van Ronk and Ramblin' Jack Elliott is the perfect song for a visit to the hospital. Rolled and Tumbled Blues was one of the essentials that had been taken off. Glad to get it back on.

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