Friday, January 18, 2008

Joni Day

We are having our third storm this week. Last week was a wonderful January thaw and the week before that, four storms. We survive it all somehow, the changeable weather, and a guy I knew, who liked Canadian girls back in the sixties, figured that's what makes Canadians so tough. It may be true.

I've been spending more time on the computer lately. There sure are a lot of great blogs out there, something for everyone's taste. There are new ones every day and last posts every day. Several I read all the time dwindled then quit altogether. I can certainly see that happening here, where I get so little feedback. I am visiting one tomorrow for it's first post ever. The blogger and I have almost identical musical tastes.

I've had several conversations about Joni Mitchell today. Since that is so, she'll provide today's music. These are both from her Both Sides Now album of 2ooo. This album, with it's symphony orchestra, takes me away to another place. I cried the first time I heard this version the title song, Both Sides Now. Don't Go to Strangers and this version of Stormy Weather will take me there again. I found that Stormy Weather was already up so here is Don't Worry 'Bout Me from that same album.


Ocean said...

you should move here, it doesn't snow too much at all.
love you

Anonymous said...

Don't go, she just wants to raid your fridge. You know kids.

Ocean said...

hahahaha that isn't true, but I sure am coming to visit you in the summer when grampy comes....hope ya don't mind!! Love ya

Cuidado said...

Stock your fridge!

Ekim said...

If you move, do you retain your "islandness" because that seems to be what make you what you are.

Cuidado said...

In Alberta, my daughter hangs out with Maritimers. They have a bond.