Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Stormy Days, Stormy Nights

Forgot about posting, actually. A busy day with a storm in progress. I went for a walk but came home just as the wind came around and the blowing really started. It's late so music only today.

An essential, from the missing files: Four Strong Winds by Ian and Sylvia. Ian Tyson has one of my all time favorite male voices and it's even better now that he's aged. Here's the Johnny Cash version too. This is from his last album, I believe, when it was so obvious and touching that his wonderfully unique voice had aged. It makes me weak. Since I have the Johnny Cash file open here's a song that made me more than weak. I was in awe of this recording for about a year, playing it all the time. Here's Hurt and lately, I can relate.


Ekim said...

The Ian and Sylvia version is unbeatable.

Cuidado said...

Absolutely, but I love this shakey, elderly j cash version too.