Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lost and Found

Today was not a great walking day but I had errands to run. The roads were icy so I had to be extra careful. It was still cold but the temps have moderated from the deep freeze of the last couple of days. We are expecting more snow, starting soon.

I brought happiness to a friend today. My elderly friend lost a hat a couple of years ago. He looked everywhere and had other people look everywhere else. I found it at my house last night. I had asked my son to go through a pile of hats and to throw away all that weren't his. I was throwing his discards into the trash when I recognized the long missing cap of my friend. He had a surprise for me too. I had given him a gift years ago and he could not find it. His nephew found it on Sunday. I'd say this is a good week for my friend, finding two long lost items.

Never Give Up by Ron Sexsmith is one strategy for finding lost items. I have a friend who believes you should throw these things to the universe. Nizlopi agrees and says to Call It Up.

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