Sunday, January 20, 2008

Don't Fence Me In

It's been snowing since I woke up. I just had a look at the long range forecast and there is snow or flurries expected for every day till at least Friday. There's a pretty good snowmobile track around the neighbourhood and I'm wondering if I might attempt to go on it with snowshoes. What do you think Brother A? I may never get an answer now that he has dial-up.

Poor Kenz can't figure out why I won't pick her up anymore. Cats, more than any living thing, live by ritual. Kenz has certain habits that fit into ritual. One is to have me to pick her up and hold her for three or four minutes over my left shoulder. I can still do part two but can't pick her up off the floor. I try to get her to jump on my lap first but that's part of another ritual and she's not wanting to mess things up. She keeps looking up with this really sad expression and quietly meowing. What can I do?

An essential for today: Don't Fence Me In has been one of my all time favorite songs since I was a little kid watching western movies on tv. I wish I knew what movie I first heard it in. My guess is that it's from a Roy Rogers/Dale Evans movie because Roy does a version with The Sons of the Pioneers. Why don't I put up that version along with the one I first intended, the best of all them, Ella Fitzgerald's. You can imagine I've been feeling a bit fenced in lately. This is my form of complaint about that.


Anonymous said...

Try it if you want, but the last thing you need now is to take a flip on your snowshoes..

Ekim said...

We had blue blue skies today and the cool weather that goes with it.

Cuidado said...

Alf - I know. It probably would be silly but I want to go so badly!

Ekim - We are to get cold weather all week too....with the snow.