Monday, January 28, 2008

Ice Follies

I'm getting to this late today and will have to be quick about it. Blogger has a scheduled outage coming up before the hour is out.

I had an eventful day. I had appointments in town and since I can't yet drive, was depending on someone else. She called me a short time before our arranged pick up time and had decided not to go in because of forecasted freezing rain. I could not miss these long awaited appointments and had to scramble to get another ride in. My son called a friend and lo and behold he was running late and hadn't left for work yet.

I walked several kilometers through town in pouring rain doing errands and what a time it was. Before the rain we'd had an hour or so of freezing rain. The sidewalks were pure ice. With my poor one-armed balance, I had to be extremely careful. In addition, a friend had picked up some groceries for me which included a turkey and I was carrying the very heavy bag with my good arm. Can't you just imagine the sight with the careful baby steps required. I am exhausted tonight and I'm sure it is due to the stress of that walk.

Some old music for today. Bob Dylan wrote the song Tough Mama and here is his version as well as one from the Jerry Garcia Band. I'm a tough but tired mama this evening.


Ralph said...

That's a priceless description of you taking baby steps on the ice, turkey and all. Gives the next post down, "beach longings," special meaning!

Cuidado said...

It was an experience to be sure and one I don't want to repeat. That turkey is going to taste extra special today.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to find out how your appt went.

Cuidado said...

Another week. y computer died this am. I'm on J's