Saturday, January 26, 2008

Emotional Weather Report

I am reading a great book. It is so engrossing that I completely forgot to post this afternoon. The book is Beach Music by Pat Conroy and truly is a book that I can't put down.

Went out walking this morning and it was wicked cold. It was ok in sheltered spots but in the open the wind was biting. The temperature was minus 15 but with the windchill, much, much colder. We are heading for a warming trend with Tuesday being plus 8 and rain. That's ok with me.

Tom Waits has music for every occasion. From his 1998 album, Beautiful Maladies, comes two weather related songs, Strange Weather and Cold, Cold Ground. Didn't realize I already had posted Strange weather so will add this great live cut, Emotional Weather Report from Tom's 1975 album, Nighthawks At The Diner. I love his live, talky songs like this. He's a wonderful performer who I would love to see live.


Ralph said...

Greetings, my dear. I am so slow. I only just now realized you had a blog, via your comment to Kat in today's "Coffee." I'm subscribing. Love the pictures!

Cuidado said...

This page will take you to all of my blogs. The others are all photo blogs. Links are on the side.

I was thinking of grandmother stories after reading you post. Thanks for the memories.