Monday, January 07, 2008

Time is Amiss

Time and a regular schedule is important to me. I've always been 'stuck in my ways' doing the same thing at the same time every day. I admit it. Five-thirty is my regular wake up time. Since my accident, I've been waking at three am in pain, taking ibuprophen, staying up for a half hour to forty-five minutes and returning to bed. I then wake up at any time from six to eight o'clock. This is a real problem. My body time is seriously screwed up. All you have to do is check back to the time I post every day. Since my accident it has changed dramatically from my four-thirty or five time slot. Everything is several hours behind. I am missing my real life.

I have outings planned for tomorrow and the next day. Can't drive but, through the help of friends, will travel.

I am terrible at classifying music. I know what I like and that's about the size of it. Today Geoff Muldaur, Jim Kweskin and others give us Jug Band Music and Kim Barlow has Great White Nothing. They are jug band or folky/bluegrass???? If they are something different to you that is ok. You can let me know what that is if you'd like.

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