Thursday, January 10, 2008

Time and Again

My kitty is here for attention thus one hand typing can be difficult. She has full attention of the face and my hand is on the keyboard.

There is no change in my weird time-altered new existence. Last night I could hardly stay awake past eight but did till nine, just so my son didn't think I was the most boring person on earth. I was awake and downstairs at four something, stayed up for awhile, then went back to bed, extremely tired at five something - my usual wake up time. I woke at almost eight. HELP! I feel totally screwed up.

My sis in law is laughing because my appetite has taken a huge nosedive and I have to do sit ups to get out of bed. She is thinking this accident is like a spa vacation and that with the expected weight loss, the stronger abs, and the less structured sleep patterns that I may come out of this well ahead. One has to see the humour.

For music, the real reason I can't sleep - Too Hot To Sleep by Eilen Jewell. Also Insomnia by Faithless which is different music than you usually find here and Such a Night by Darondo which is a great example of what you'd usually find here. Darando has such a Smokey Robinson feel.


Ocean said...

how are the nails coming along?

Cuidado said...

Ha is all I'll say.