Thursday, January 03, 2008

Three Tries Lucky

My arm feels a bit better today, not as painful as yesterday. I have to look for the positive things in this situation but it is difficult.

The Buzz, a PEI Arts and Entertainment magazine publishes Horoscopes For Islanders, and it was for Capricorn in the current edition. Let me tell you what was written for me this month, a Capricorn. They have an online edition but the horoscope is not in it so this will take awhile with the one handed, cat bothering typing I am having to do.

Seagoat?! What the?! You're the John Merrick of the zodiac Capricorn. I suppose a kindly doctor could come along to help you out, but don't count on it, freak!

As the new year begins, your guiding word for '08 is self-sufficiency.

I started this hours ago. The cat did something to the keyboard. I came back later and cut and pasted because the cat had put the previous edition in some mode. Darn it all, the cat screwed up the keyboard again and I'm back cutting and pasting into the third edition. If the cat comes, I'm closing the door to the study.

Today I'll share some music that I found a while back that I liked. The Pierces are hot because they were live on Gossip Girl. The link is to their under construction website but it has a video of said TV appearance. They also have a myspace page. Anyway, for today I've chosen Boring and Save Me because it shows two sides of this sister band. I like both sides and the five songs I managed to get.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Ma!!!


Cuidado said...

Thanks, A.

Ocean said...

Happy Birthday!!