Sunday, March 12, 2006

Oh Sunny Sunday!

Went to a nice event yesterday. It was associated with Int. Women's Day and put on by a committee. Fairies met us at the door and passed out yummy treats throughout the event. Several booths were set up where you could, for instance, have a hand massage, a neck massage, a face massage, have your cards read, your chakra read and adjusted, peruse jewelry, paint on a mural, or just hang out. On a central stage there were poetry reasings, a yoga demonstration, a therapeutic touch talk, and a flautist. The event ended with a drumming circle and a bit of interpretive dancing. There was a very large turnout and the event entitled, Pamper and Play, was really fun. They promise another.

I forgot, until I had a listen, that the version of When a Man Loves a Woman that I uploaded the other day was first downloaded as coming from Soloman Burke but is in actuality Canada's great songstress, Luba. I must take it out of my Burke file. The upload site is busy again so I can't put anything up right now but will keep trying. Any requests?

I'm going walking in the woods this afternoon. I'll try to get some pictures of the walk and yesterday's event up later in the week.

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