Thursday, March 16, 2006

Happy Birthday Billy

This is my former neighbour, Billy, and it is his 91st birthday today. I plan to visit later and bring him some whiskey and cigarettes. They haven't killed him yet. I usually visit him quite often but haven't been to see him for the past two weeks because of my cold.

The movie, Failure to Launch, was really fun. I love these romantic comedies and eyecandy, Matthew MacCaughney(sp), was an added bonus. There were some pretty funny scenes and it ended with a Ray Charles song. All good things for me.

Ocean is in Mexico, lucky dog, and says she's hot. I'd trade her places in a minute, of course. I'll post a picture tomorrow of where she hangs out and today I'll post (in My Music) some songs from Mexicans. I would post the pictures today if they would go where I want them. Ole


Anonymous said...

Tried to comment earlier but it wouldn't work. So I'll try again.
Tell Billy - Happy Birthday!!!
Love Cath

Christine said...

Former neighbour?? Did Billy move?
Tell him I said Happy Birthday Too!!

I remember going to visit him and Beryl during the summers I'd stay with you. They were so much fun! And ANDY! I loved Andy so much, he was such a nice dog. I still remember sitting and brushing his fur for hours after his tomato juice bath the time he got skunked...

Say Hi to Ocean from all of us when you're talking to her next. Lucky dog is right!

I was going to write and ask how Failure to Launch was. I want to see that one... I LOVE Matthew McCoughney! I could watch him in ANYTHING. I'd even sit and listen to him recite the bible for hours if it meant I could stare into those dreamy eyes... He's currently number 1 on my "list"

(as in list of people that I'd actually consider leaving Jason for...Actually, right now I think he's the *only* one on the list *lol*)

Brikwall said...

A few years ago one of the newspapers (Guardian or Journal, can't remember which) interviewed a centenarian from Indian River. He told them one of his secrets for longevity was a daily shot of whiskey. When asked how long he expected to live, he replied: "Until the whiskey runs out."