Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Happy International Woman's Day

The upload site is too busy to allow me to put new music up right now but I will keep trying. It will not accept my favorite download for Woman's day, The Haircut by The Waifs; says it is in an unsuitable format but it is mp3 and it loads everywhere else so I guess I can't include that.

Even if I am not able to upload any for a while there is a lot ogf good woman's music to listen to there already. One I really want to include for the day is KT Oslin's, 80's Ladies.

This is a quote from Olive Cahill at a PEI heritage site called The Communities of Eastern Kings that I visit every day. Cut and paste if you'd like to go there since I'm not sure how to make a pressy link. They feature a photograph from the Souris region every day and they are usually very nice.

The quote by Olive Cahill:

After I got married, I lived out at my husband's home and I missed women. There were no women around. I had seven sons, my father-in-law and my husband and my brother-in-law until the second to the last was two years old, I think. I had nine all together and there would always be men who would come to the house to visit and the women couldn't get around much. Anyway, there weren't too many cars. I'd be so glad when I'd see a woman, you know, someone to talk to.

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