Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Energy Flows

Time has flown. I left work an hour early and as soon as I walked into the house, the phone started ringing. I shouldn't have even been home at that hour and that's what the first call was about. A friend saw my car at home and wondered why. He and his wife are friends from 35 years ago and he calls me three times a year when he's in PEI on business. Planned on calling tonight but saw my car at home. Another phone call from a friend, (who knows I work till 5), then a visit from another friend, supper prep, and eating and it's almost 7 pm. Thank goodness I decided to mow tomorrow instead of tonight.

I worked outside a lot today again and it is perfect, perfect weather. If we could only bottle a day like this. I was in the woods again and since it's my favorite place in the world, well you know there were some endorphens released! Fabulous day! Energy plus and feeling good plus.

Down Home Girl is a nice and sweet song from Old Crow Medicine Show whom I haven't put up in a while. Another song of theirs always reminds me of the Grateful Dead. This is from a live performance and is called Wagon Wheel. A shout out for my sister and niece..... this is pretty well country music, especially the second one; you'll like it.


Christine said...

I LOVED the song Old Home Girl, but the wagon wheel wasn't my fave. I'm definitely on my way to download Old Home Girl for my own though!!

Cuidado said...

I like it too.