Saturday, August 11, 2007

Flowers and Fire

I'm going to start with music. I wanted to put up a certain song and include a specific version that I'd just become familiar with. Didn't have a clue the name of the band or individual that did the version. You can start at the beginning or the end and go through the songs. I did starting at Z and the name of the band is Bat For Lashes. Wouldn't you know.

This song has been coming to me while I'm doing my usual humming so I'm sharing what's been in my head, which I sometimes do. I'm on Fire is a superb Springsteen song. Here's a version by the above mentioned, Bat For Lashes, which in my opinion should be called Bat Your Lashes or Bat Those Lashes. The other is from Swati. Ha, I'd put it up in June. Let's see if it's still there. Yes, so there's room for another. Here's Springsteen's version.

We are having absolutely perfect weather. It might be considered hot for some at 29 degrees Celsius but the humidity is completely gone and that makes all the difference. Sleeping has been great as the overnight temps have cooled to around fifteen. Fabulous! I stayed up till ten last night as my son and nephew dropped by. I'm going to try again as I'm off tomorrow and will probably have naps.

Today's photo is from my garden yesterday and tomorrow's photo is going to be of the lily I've been waiting to see bloom at work. It bloomed yesterday or overnight and is stunning. The scent is much like an Easter Lily and it wafts in every time the door is opened. Tomorrow.....

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