Friday, August 10, 2007

Above All, Relaxation

I've had the most gentle day off....really relaxed. I had two slight naps, went for half a walk, read in the sun twice, petted kitties who were so glad that I was home, and watched Oprah. I had planned a ton more walking with two areas up to pick for hiking...three, really. I changed my mind and opted for relaxation, not hiking. I decided to take a neighbourhood walk but the cats were out and wouldn't go in. Herding cats never works so I drove a little ways up the road and took a walk from there. They never follow the car. I think it's just what I need - a day of relaxation.

It's not over yet. I have a nice dinner of Mako shark planned with fresh from a garden veggies. You can't get any better than that. I want to burn some cd's and that's pretty darned relaxing if you're not in any hurry. I didn't make it up till ten last night but tonight I'm really going to try.

When I sat here the first music that came to mind was Rufus Wainwright. I put some on and that's what I give you now. I love this live version of Leonard Cohen's, Everybody Knows. I think he does Cohen songs well enough to do an album of his songs much like Jennifer Warnes did in the eighties. Gay Messiah is the more relaxing Rufus Wainwright.


Ocean said...

Love you

Cuidado said...

And I love you!!!