Monday, August 20, 2007

It Goes On

The photo is of a pre-emerged sunflower. This link is to the mature flower. Pretty cool. Mature was the topic in Moody Monday - linked on the side. The asparagas was also considered in choosing the 'mature' designation for the entry.

Just finished supper and watched the many photos of waterspouts and rainbows yesterday on the evening news. It was pretty wild around here. After my post yesterday following my hike, we had rain, torrential rain, thunder and lightning, hail which was pretty widespread, and actual snow ( in Harrington). I had company in the afternoon and they left in the midst of heavy rain. My son was in hail twice, at his dad's and driving. Wild!

My neighbour is mowing a second crop of hay, clover really, at this moment and the smell is coming into the window in front of me. Hmmmm.

Music: I feel quite free now in choosing music because it doesn't matter if I put it up before. It's probably gone so I'm just uploading it again. Weather like yesterday's should be celebrated or at least acknowleged. My library has a million versions of Stormy Weather. Here's one by Dinah Washington. I posted a different song from her on the Shutterchance blog this weekend and was well received. I like this version a lot. Strange Weather by Tom Waits fits for yesterday as well. Maybe I'll celebrate weather all week.

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