Sunday, August 19, 2007

Endorphens Released

Saw my first red leaf today.

Today's hike was fabulous. Enough to make us sweat but we weren't exhausted. We had an extraordinary amount of rain yesterday but it had also been very windy so grasses weren't soaked, as we did a lot of pasturing and fielding in addition to the usual old roads. The hilliness is what I enjoy most about this hiking area. A lunch and a visit ended my day with those friends. Since I got home I have been entertaining other friends who dropped in just when I got home.

The wedding was very nice yesterday despite the heavy rain which didn't start till right after the photographs were taken. The bride and bridesmaids looked stunning and there was food all night, not just during the reception. Awesome! I heartily approved of the groom whom I hadn't met till the wedding.

I got up at 1:30 Saturday morning for a couple of hours; couldn't sleep. I made the bride and groom a romantic cd, quite seductive, sexy and rhythmic. Yesterday while waiting the hours between the wedding and reception I heard the summer CBC Radio One program Live By The Drum which I've been enjoying each week this summer. This week's theme was music that portrayed or caused or aided sex, just like I had similarly explored a few hours before. I thought that was pretty cool.

Here are a couple of songs I put on that cd. Don't Stop till You Get Enough from Shivaree fulfills all of those previously mentioned parameters. It's a very sexy song. kd lang's very short version of Fever is my favorite version of that very often covered song. I had it on Page One but alas it is gone. Here it is again. Ha, it's no longer in my library any longer but my old file with 136 plays is what comes up when I re-access after just newly re-uploading the file. It's still in there somewhere.

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