Friday, August 03, 2007

Storm Has Hit

I'm writing in the middle of a thunderstorm. Now that Blogger auto-saves this shouldn't be a problem. I can't believe that Tuesday was the last time I posted. I've been incredibly busy and have not had a moment. I've not had time for a proper supper tonight. Peanut butter, whole wheat bread, milk, avacados and lime, and cherries will have to suffice. I'm eating the avacado now.

This thunder storm is causing havoc across the island and somehow, again as I've stated here, it is so far passing us by. We see lightning at both sides of the sky and are dry here. There is news of a boat having overturned in Ch'town Harbour. I just visited my workplace and there is a big, whole weekend, outdoor event happening. They are sitting in cars, waiting to see if things will be moved indoors, a couple of miles up the road. Glad I'm off and not helping make these decisions. I'm waiting for visitors who are coming tomorrow instead of tonight.

Music: Well songs are still disappearing from both pages. I'm so sad about it. I wasn't putting them out for download - just listening. I 've already put up a couple of versions of I Think It's Going To Rain Today. They're probably gone now. Here's a slow mood one fron Madeleine Peyroux and for a long, up-tempo song let's hear Pop Staples and the Staple Singers with A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall.

It has just started raining and I like to think my music has something to do with it. God it's now really thundering and it scared the cat away. I probably shouldn't be at an open window at the computer. As a matter of fact, go to page two for the links. I'll link them later.


Carol Tiffin James said...

Stay dry! It's thunderstorming here in Maine, too!

Cuidado said...

It was pretty wild for a while, Carol. We needed it to break this humidity though.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mom,
Things are looking good for the house. We found out today that there is something that comes with the house, that K is 'so excited to tell Grandma about!'.