Saturday, August 25, 2007

I seem to be getting later and later with my postings. Busy, busy, busy. There is always a chore to do, a meal to make, a visit to attend to, or many other things. I had to bake today and make salad for a party tomorrow. I made a large blueberry-peach crisp for the gathering and a small one for myself. It is yummmy!

I'm not going to hike in the woods tomorrow but am going to have a long beach walk. It's so important for me to get those endorphins flowing. It makes you feel so incredible.

It is certainly garden harvest time around here. Everyone is passing me vegetables of every kind and they're so delicious. I have to get ready for some pickle making soon. I have two people offering me cucumbers. I haven't made any for myself for three years though I was still making them for the former workplace. This year will fill the pickle cupboard again.

My aunt called and told me to expect a hand delivered gift in the next week. They always send me cool packages but this one is hand delivered. My two other aunts are coming east in a month so it will be nice seeing them twice in the same year.

I've loved Randy Newman since he did the soundtrack for the movie Ragtime in the seventies. I never saw the movie but had the tape and pretty well wore it out. I haven't played anything by him in a while. I'm a Real Emotional Girl and My Life Is Good. Listen to those numbers of the same name.


Ocean said...

Who is hand delivering it?

Cuidado said...

A friend of theirs who will be visiting a daughter in Mont.