Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Moving or Not Moving

Today is moving day for my son in Ontario. He and his family are moving to a house with a big back yard. He and his wife both had that in their childhoods and want it for their kids. He loves to mow, luckily, and did not inherit that trait from his mother. The closing date was not staggered so everything is being done in one day. The other grandma (I wish it was me) is going to take care of the children and both parents are supurbly organized so I'm sure it will go well. I'm glad it's not me but at the same time I wish it were. I want a smaller yard so I don't have to mow. Wouldn't you rather be sitting in a chair like the above scene or lying in your hammock hung in the trees of your big back yard?

I heard about last night's lunar eclipse after the fact and though I was up, didn't see it. My daughter called just as I was leaving for work wondering what the heck was happening with the moon. She had received the well known hoax letter about Mars and the earth that was going around again. I wish I'd looked more closely because I did glance up just to see where the moon was when I got up at 5:30.

I've got a song to celebrate the new, big back yard and one for the moon. Our Trees by Tegan and Sara is appropriate for the yard. I hope there's a tree suitable for a treehouse as my kids had the fun of growing up with one though it was not the kind you'd dream about or anything. Carlos Nunez gives a nice celtic song with The Moon Says Hello.

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Christine said...

Wow, That was a quick move. I didn't think they'd be taking possession so quickly. A emailed me pics last week of the house they were "hoping" to buy, so to be moving in now is... wow!

Like you said, glad it's not me. lol

Congratulations A & S if you're reading this. It looks like a wonderful place!!