Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Short and Sweet

I heard today that the space shuttle and space station were very visible in our sky last night at close to nine o'clock. I actually had looked at the stars for a moment at about nine-thirty but didn't know then that they were to be visible. The person who told me said that the sighting was really beautiful. Who knew?

Speaking of beautiful things, isn't Ms MacKenzie (Kenz) a beautiful thing? I treasure my kitties every day. She poses and Bella doesn't like her photo taken so I have many more photos of Kenz. Clarke posed too but usually rolled over onto his back eventually, as an invitation to come pet him.

We've had the most beautiful day, perfect for working really, so I've changed my mind about posting songs about rain and storms. It just wouldn't feel right. I start a playlist every day when I first sit down to blog. It so happens that the first three on today happen to be under three minutes. One is already uploaded and is still here, so hear you go. Already uploaded, Lee Dorsey's familiar version of Workin' In a Coalmine and a version by Devo. Another oldie, Swing Low Sweet Chariot by Annuals.


Ocean said...

That's so crazy that you could see the shuttle! I wish I could have seen it!

Cuidado said...

Me too!

Ocean said...

Send me some pictures of the wedding. Please.