Thursday, August 09, 2007

Brown Water Day

I didn't lose trees today but there were certainly a lot toppled across the neighbourhood today and overnight. We've had a terrific wind storm with toppled trees and power outages across PEI and New Brunswick. Bad weather was good for business in my case, so I had a very busy day at work.

I needed an indoor day. It's been so very hot and humid and I've spent a lot of time outdoors in the heat. It was good to be inside and cool for a change. I am hoping to be able to stay up till ten tonight. I finally feel caught up. I have phone calls and e-mails to catch up on but maybe not all will be taken care of tonight. I'm off tomorrow so can finish up then.

I'm so bummed out with my music disappearing. I use the uploaded songs daily on the Shutterchance blog and my choices have been very much limited by the disappearance. I will carry on and see what happens with Putfile for the time being.

Though I'm trying to get some additional relaxation in my life right now, it needs a beat. Ry Cooder can usually provide one. I can get both relaxation and a rhythm from his instrumental, Drume Negrita and some relaxing and rhythmic inspiration from Comin' In On a Wing and a Prayer. Sounds like my life lately. I've got to get some dance music up soon as I have been too busy to do a lot of walking and have to remedy that.

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