Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Heat and Summer Flowers

I got off early from work today but haven't been able to even get to the computer till now. I had some really busy days at work that followed a partying weekend. Add hormones to that mixture and I am tired out, spelled OUT. I had a little nap and am feeling a bit better but need more, extra sleep again tonight. To bed by nine three nights in a row and tonight will be the fourth. Wake time is still five-thirty and I'm completely happy with that.

The photos are of day lilies from the garden that we visited on Sunday. I had planned to go back to get a flower that I later discovered was in the sale bin. Maybe tomorrow.

For music I have some African songs that say heat and summer. From Miriam Makeba, her anthem, Wimoweh, that later inspired a rock and roll song. From Africando is Hey Boy that I include on lots of dance playlists. Both fine pieces of music.

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