Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Bit of Africa

I should be out there mowing as I work tomorrow night and have plans for Friday night. If I think about it too hard I'll go. Perhaps I should put the music up first.

Even though we've had magnificent weather this week, summer is slowing down. Work is very quiet. This weekend is the last hurrah for the tourist season. We get some shoulder season visitors on the island but not enough to keep most businesses open. It's a shame because September is usually perfect weather.

I was conversing back and forth with people on the Shutterchance blog. My photo today is one I took on my last woods hike. It is of bright green ferns and one lone red leaf, an early sign of autumn. The folks from South Africa are celebrating their first day of spring on Saturday while we're heading to the fall. It amazes us all.

I had the pleasant surprise of some unexpected company but they're now gone. Back to the blog. It won't take long as I already had the music chosen. African is the genre with the intention of ushering them into their spring. Momo Wandel Souma brings us a really cool jazzy number, Felenko Yefe. It is kind of long, but definitely worth the listen. He reminds me of Tom Waits and if you listen , you'll understand why. Really nice guitars and tenor sax. The other African song is from Youssou N'Dour. Don't Look Back has an immediately recognizable guitar sound of Spandeau Ballet but with the female vocals, a really nice song. Also worth a listen as both are wonderfully relaxing pieces. Just what I needed.

If there's anyone who would rather listen to some more dancable Artican listen here and here.

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