Thursday, August 23, 2007

Trying To Breathe

What a difference a day makes. I lost that big burst of energy that I had yesterday. Mowing is what does it. I am a third of the way through the job and have run out of gas. I'm taking a break, supper is cooking and I will gas up and finish it later. I once traded my wonderful, rear tine tiller for a summer's lawnmowing; that's how much I dislike it. I had a match made in heaven once where my partner loved to mow. It was great!

The weather has been at it's most perfect with temps in the mid twenties and cool nights. Simply beautiful! My neighbour is taking in a second crop of hay off the field next to me. That doesn't often happen. We had the perfect amount of moisture this year for growing. A few crops were late, like strawberries. Some were early like chanterelles and blueberries. I live in the most perfect place for the most part. It is forecast to rain tomorrow.

My sister and niece are going to love this. I chose Pastures of Plenty by Alison Krauss & Union Station. Country-bluegrass....two days in a row. What I dislike most about mowing are the fumes that the lawnmower belches out. Because I tend to hold my breath when I'm mowing, I've chosen Breathe by Women In Docs. It is not the same as Sia's song.

I've just uploaded song number 250 on Page Two. I had started to delete inaccessable songs from Page One but have stopped for now, in case I can get them back. Darn I have supper burning.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ma,
I guess the apple fell far from the tree. In five days we will own a big lawn and a mower, and I can't wait!

Cuidado said...

Good on you. I know you enjoy it. Recognise the photo?

Christine said...

lol. Funny, I though a song by Alison Krauss and Union Station woule have Alison singing. heehee. I guess not. I'm not saying it's not them, it may be one of the bandmembers singing instead, but it's definitely not HER.