Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Walk, Run, Walk, Run

I think I've been too busy. I've not had time to do everything and blogging has been put to the back burner. The fact that my music disappeared has been a real bummer to me though it doesn't seem to have bothered anyone else. I may be at the tail end of the blogging.

I had a friend waiting for me when I got home. We had a wonderful visit. He didn't stay for supper though he was invited and loves my cooking. He and another friend are coming on the weekend when my sister and sister-in-law are visiting. We are counting on a fun weekend for sure.

I've started walking in earnest again. It will be daily or I will dance. I've gained a couple of pounds since starting work. After today's walk, I bathed myself with a fan until I cooled enough to look a normal colour. It is extremely hot and humid, as I've said, and sweat and an altered colour is the result. I hope sweat is heavy.

Music, if it can be trusted to still be there, is about the walking and the running I've been doing. I'll Run Your Hurt Away by Ruby Johnson and 500 Miles by Peter, Paul and Mary are appropriate. I've been going at a much faster spped than Peter, Paul and Mary by the way. I'm way faster.


Ocean said...

Ma, you can't stop blogging. I would listen to music if I was able to download the player. It's funny about the weather because here it is a little colder now, today felt like the fall.
The weekend sounds like it will be a good time!
Love ya

Cuidado said...

Thanks for encouragement, darling. I appreciate it. It's still very hot here. Alberta gets fall a lot earlier than the east but I'm sure it hasn't started yet. Heat will return.

Ocean said...

Its nice today!! We are off shortly for our day of adventure. CAll me later if you want, it could be entertaining after this day! haha.