Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Wall

I had planned on posting earlier but Blogger was not being cooperative. Now, I'm in the middle of cooking and have to run back and forth, hopefully remembering to turn things down and not burn anything. I'm also cooking potatoes and eggs for potato salad tomorrow so have all the burners on the go.

I also am looking at music, sometimes checking out my favorite blogs but not today. I hardly know what to do. My favorite ex (sister in law) just left and I usually blog before she comes. It's all different now. I went to the kitchen after the first paragraph and have to go again soon. Oh, Blogger....

Endorphins are great. Have you ever heard me say that before? Even in this heat I find a way to get them moving in my body. I love everything. Now I have to find music to match that! I just read back and realized I could also be talking about the two beers I had. No, it's the endorphins.

It's 6pm and the radio news just came on. I heard a story about people I know through Shutterchance. Their dog began nursing their kitten. I'm thinking that it's the same people anyway. There's no way I can upload new music but can link a few from the past. Here's one, two, three, and four.....a couple from each page. They'll somehow relate.

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