Thursday, July 26, 2007

Changes and Stranges

Is Mercury in retrograde again? The best laid plans have been changed, cancelled and gone up in smoke today. Two of the people coming to dinner have had to cancel. My friend from away has gone back very suddenly with a serious family crisis. I visited with her while I was in town and we're both disappointed that she couldn't come out for a few days. I still have people coming for dinner but have enough food for several more.

I needed two pieces of lumber of a specific measurement and fifty inches long. I had a sample. The person who was helping me at the lumber yard kept saying that I could get them from an eight foot board. I explained that eight feet was only ninety-six inches and I needed one hundred inches. He finally understood. He went off to get this lumber and plane it to get it to the right size. When he came back the two pieces looked a little short and you guessed it; he had cut them each to forty-eight inches. He was embarassed because he actually understood, but forgot, that I needed fifty inches. I was fifty-three minutes in that store for this. The wood cost under four dollars but wasted nearly an hour of my day off.

My friend who had surgery has had a serious post surgery event. Is Mercury in retrograde? I was in to visit and bring roses. She's pretty scared but hubby is at her side and has been wonderful. She won't be leaving anytime soon. I won't be able to get in till Sunday again.

Gosh, sweat is running down my glasses. I'd better get some music up and get outside. The worst of it is that I've got to turn my oven on in a minute. For music, some more Ruthie Foster. I like her so much. I wish she had come to PEI when she was in Saint John. Here's Changes, something to commemmorate all the changes of my plans today. Fruits of My Labor is for all the great food I'll soom be eating. I love this season of fresh garden veggies. Yum!


Ocean said...

I wish I could go over for dinner!! I wouldn't cancel but you know me and I would probably be late.....I love ya!

Cuidado said...
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Cuidado said...

Wish you could come too. Sure was good. J took care of the leftovers when he dropped by after golf.