Sunday, July 22, 2007

Heaven To Me

Went on a hike today that the other two hikers with me estimated to be around eight kilometers. It was really fantastic. The endorphins were surging through my body along with wood odours and the smell of meadows full of wildflowers. I'm tired now and think I'll be laying back in front of the TV tonight. I hope, in my two channel universe, that something good is going to be on the tube. I do have good books on the go and would be just as happy to go to bed early and read.

We are supposed to have hot, sunny weather all week. I would imagine the mood on the island will be much happier. I love rain but it can get you down if there is too much.

I had nice farm-fresh, just picked veggies for my supper. I am lucky to have a market garden within walking distance. After the great hike and fabulous supper, I feel really good and healthy. I was the only non-smoker in this afternoon's group of four. Yeah!

Music: I haven't featured any Madeleine Peyroux for a while. I heard she has a new album coming out. My aunt and uncle had taped an evening's concert of Madeleine and her band for me to see when I was visiting them in the spring. It was fabulous. She has a kind of peculiar phrasing but it's what sets her apart. Here's This Is Heaven To Me and I'll Look Around. She always ahs a great band which in itself is worth a listen.


Brikwall said...

Walk good. Sun good. Sunburn bad.

Beautiful day over here, too. Even the Fundy coast at Alma and Cape Enrage was warm. I slathered on the lotion before leaving home but still turned a little red. I'm sure I'll be sore tomorrow (but the pictures I got were worth it!).

Cuidado said...

Oh good for you. The photos are always worth it. I never burn with my good old Acadian skin.

Brikwall said...

The Acadian genes skipped my generation. I inherited the Scottish complexion - pasty white.

Christine said...

I listened to This is Heaven. I really like this song. Something in her voice reminds me of Billie Holiday's voice. Very beautiful.

I tried listening to I'll look around, but it says something about being removed from putfile... did you take it down?