Sunday, July 29, 2007

Save Me

I've given up on Mercury. Why didn't they take Mercury away instead of Pluto? It would never be in retrograde again (or at least it wouldn't count) and maybe my bad luck would change to good luck. I just put my blades through my mower deck again. I ran over a tree root that I've mowed over for twenty three years and has never caused a problem. The deck must be hanging lower since the last incident but how would you know that? I hadn't finished my first circuit of the yard. Egads!!!!!!!(though I feel like swearing) My music yesterday and the mower today. Atleast my friend who had suffered complications is doing better. I was there when the respiroligist lowered her oxygen concentration.

My son is coming to dinner and the roast chicken in the oven smells heavenly. Perhaps I can put the boy/man to work pounding my deck away from the blades. I already have him scheduled to help me with a matress and bed repair job.

I'm not sure how long any of my music is going to last but I'll give a try uploading more. Mercury in retrograde maybe calls for Freddy Mercury. Here's some Queen...with songs appropriate to the situation. Save Me talks about luck and Melancholy Blues is self-explanatory.


Carol Tiffin James said...

Ain't it grand when adult kids come home to help us? Our son is helping get the wood ready for winter. Of course, once he's here, we find a few other things for him to do!

Cuidado said...

We've trained them right, I'd say.

Ocean said...

hahahaha, did you get all the stuff done?
I like that picture and again wish I was there to have supper with you, j, and spoony love!!!

Cuidado said...

Got everything done and supper was gret.