Friday, July 27, 2007

Lots of Music

The heat wave continues.... I have long grass and am not planning to mow. If I mowed it would be brown by tomorrow. Right now the length is shading the roots and gathering extra dew, both keeping it beautiful and green.

I can sometimes get a little frustrated by my music collection. It would be wonderful to be able to sort it by both performer and song title. Right now I want a certain song I know I have but can't locate. I've too much to go through. As I go through the collection, I've been throwing up songs on a blank playlist, as I do every day. I usually choose six to ten songs to play bits of before I finish the post. Since I can't find my first choice song I have to choose to introduce a great jazz chanteuse or some fun songs or songs from people named Gene, songs everyone reading this knows, latin ballads of which I have too many, or what.

I really have a lot of great music and don't want to sound like I'm complaining about it. It's just the sorting system....not complete enough for my needs. I love my music so much, in fact, that today I'll put up some extra. Some from each of those identifiers above.

For the jazz chanteuse I have the great stylings of Carolyn Leonart with I'm In the Mood For Love. I love her version. Flowers from Emilie Simon is a fun and slightly weird song. I like it too because it reminds me of late sixties movie music. Gene Vincent does Bee Bop a Lula. It can be considered as one by someone named Gene, but also as a fun song and qualifies as the song everybody knows. Multi tasker! For a latin ballad how about with Son Para Ti by Sierra Maestra. Enjoy! I certainly am.

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